Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Independent Games Festival

Whoa, that's a lotta games.

I'm not a judge and I know only what they say about them, so I'll just mention things that catch my eye.

Ancient Galaxy - this looked way cooler in the screenshot than when I actually look at it. But it's 3d and involves shooting things, so I'm sure some people will like it.

Ad Astra - That's a cool concept but I suspect the game can't possibly live up to it... space will probably be mostly empty. which is realistic but not all that fun. Looking at the screenshots there are some structures and some landscapes but not really a bustling intergalactic *culture*, which would excite me. Playing it would probably leave me thinking that I preferred EVE Online.

Artisan - Interesting concept but the webpage doesn't work and the screenshot doesn't look all that exciting. Would have to see that in play.

Birth of Shadows - I wish I could be excited about this but I get skeptical right away when they say "Advance your character without the usual tedium associated with role-playing games." Makes me feel like they hate RPGs, so why should I play theirs? And I don't know what they think the usual tedium is... for all I know they mean "You never get to pick where your skills go, you just automatically get stronger!" Which is BORING. Art direction is lacking, not that it's a huge deal for a low budget game, but...

Brain Sanity - They write better copy than games. At least, the text was more interesting than the eventual graphics.

Bubbins - This looks like fun, except I suck at navigating in 3d and would probably be unable to play it.

Carte Blanche - What, no screenshot? I think this is an adventure game (I think I've heard of it).

Crayon Physics Deluxe - This could be fun - for five minutes. Not sure it'd last.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! - I've had an eye on that title for a long while, it interests me.

Esenthel - Good points, RPG! Bad points, seems more interested in plugging their weather/physics in their game listing than story. Also, 3d. Hate 3d. (Some of the elements of the screenshots are kinda cool in their own way but mostly icky blah 3d.)

Free The Floopians: Level Mania- Silly title draws my eye, horrible ugly 3d in screenshot makes me wince.

Get a Life Show - I'm not really sure how this will work, but the idea is intriguing. The website is too much fancy flash and not enough getting to the point.

Hammerfall - Maybe it would be interesting, but how can I tell? No website, no company, no detail even on what kind of game it is!

Iron Dukes - Attention immediately grabbed by the setting. Badly designed website, though, it won't let me scroll.

OokiBloks - This sounds like it could be fun if it lives up to the design.

Yes, I start getting tired as I get further through the list...

Slumbers - That's certainly an interesting backstory. Is this some sort of Lemmings/Gobliins game? Not enough information present.

Something Amiss - I'm intrigued, until I find out it's a browser game.

Space Trader ... guys, just play EVE already. :)

Survival of the Fittest - Some people will love this concept. I'm only interested if it's actually fun to play and I can't tell with the info on offer.

The Night Journey - How can I not be intrigued?

Wanderlust: Rebirth - I think I heard about this game AGES ago...

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