Friday, 19 October 2007

endings now reached

first try = The complete loser ending.
second attempt, with directions = Shoujo-ai knights.

Third attempt, aiming for artist - normal marriage.
Fourth attempt, from same base root as the last one, still aiming for artist - minister of state. Well, it's nice that I finally got a 'good' ending without a walkthrough, but considering how very close that ending was to the boring normal marriage one, I still think they're a little harsh on picking endings here.
Same base root but suddenly switching to Sin and Magic in the last year of her upbringing, while bringing her morals way down - fortune teller. That one makes more sense.
Same point, switching to go heavy on refinement, aiming for "Marrying the Earl" ending from directions, reached it.
Same point, STILL trying to reach artist, this time frantically bringing my charm down to try and avoid getting married - and I ended up with Marie's ending, in which she likes to use me as a model and make me wear cute or sexy clothes she's designed.
Switching to go REALLY heavy on magic and specific plot events, reached Karen's ending. (This was with directions - apparently you need the stats for one of the Magician endings and to have followed Karen's plotline. Then the two of you open a magic shop together. And regularly blow things up.)

Trying to reach the Demon Princess ending but even though I have all the stats and he gave me a dress, I still just get 'running off to live in demonland'. Working on it.

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