Monday, 15 October 2007

hidden treasures and old boots

Still unpacking from a recent move, I turned up an old 'game' someone gave me, which is still in its shrinkwrap (shows how excited I was). I say 'game' because it's a compilation pack - JoWood's 'RPG Compilation', and I can't find a link for this as a three-pack, but I can find links for the individual games on it -

Arx Fatalis - It's first-person perspective, a strike against it in my book. It has demons. It was M-rated (for what? I don't know.) Reviews suggest the violence is a little icky and that you have to eat far too often.

- Part RPG, part shooter? Um... again, this sounds like it's going to return a response of "Hate 3d" from me.

Gorasul Legacy Of The Dragon - Amazon has basically no information except for a blurb about a hero raised by a dragon, now reincarnated. The tiny screenshot on the back of my box looks vaguely Infinity-engine ish, but again, it's hard to tell with such a small picture. Hunting for reviews, they say 'Baldur's Gate if it were half-broken and badly translated from German."

... I still don't feel particularly motivated to break the plastic seal on this box.

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