Tuesday, 30 October 2007

cave days

I haven't actually played this, but just looking at the pictures and hearing the concept amuses me. Makes me miss Trog. I really dug Trog. The arcade game, not the movie. I've never seen the movie.

Trog... They had a machine at this pizza place my family used to go to. Now, we didn't go there because their pizza was great. Their pizza was kinda crap, actually. But the place had a lot of coupons and was always giving out free plastic cups (my family had an impressive collection of fast food cups) and it was right across the street from a bookstore, so going for books and pizza was an exciting family outing. Yes, I'm serious. I'm a bookworm!

Anyway. Pizza. Pizza places have often had arcade games. I'd say it's because pizza takes a while to make so you have time to stand around playing, but plenty of restaurants take a while to bring you your food and don't give you games to play in the meantime...

There were many games I played at that spot, and Trog was probably among the last. It was a late invention. I don't think I was all that good at it either - we didn't go to this place THAT often, nor did I often have much in the way of money to spend on games. And the joystick on the machine was sometimes a little sticky (motion, not texture) and needed a lot of force to control. But it was cute. And it had a female dino option!

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