Tuesday, 27 November 2007

a forwarded whine

Apparently Rock Band is short on songs by female vocalists. Bugger.

... not that I have Rock Band or anything. I like to sing but nobody else around me does, so getting a Karaoke game would be a waste. Singing while someone else played instruments could be fun. But, apparently, not an option...

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The Rampant Coyote said...

Argh. Bummer. My copy of Rock Band is sitting in the garage awaiting December 25th. A family present, along with GH3 and a new XBox 360. However, I am the lone male in a house full of females (something I fantasized about when I was fifteen, yet somehow the reality turned out to be nothing like I'd imagined...). Since I am NOT a singer, I was kinda expecting the wife or daughters to participate in that part of the game.

Hopefully it will accept a change in octaves just fine, but even Guitar Hero I and II were pretty good about making every fifth song or so one by a female vocalist.