Friday, 23 November 2007

Eschalon, book 1

which can be found here, if yer lookin'.

Ah, RPGs, the land of wandering into people's houses and nonchalantly stealing their stuff, which they don't seem to mind. And even selling it back to them. It's hard NOT to, when there's such an easy source of Free Money there...

At one point the game mentioned a character hearing me committing a crime (failing to pick a lock) but nothing seemed to come of it. Perhaps he couldn't find me because it was dark. Inside his own house. Anyway, I can't yet tell if being a bastard has any effect at all, it's not terribly clear.

Am I entertained? Yes. The writing is good enough, the interface isn't too bad, the turn-based movement allows you to ensure you always get the first shot at any monsters...

Am I entertained enough to pay $30 for it? Um... Not at the moment. Hey, I'm cheap. If it were $20 I'd seriously consider it. $30 is going to take more convincing. I still have yet to buy Bookworm Adventures, which I like enough to have done the trial multiple times, just because that $30 made me look askance.

... although now that I think of it, I really should buy that. Bookworm Adventures, that is :)

EDIT: Of course, searching this blog for further Eschalon references will show that I did get it eventually...

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