Tuesday, 20 November 2007

jade empire

You may notice I posted about this all of once, then fell suspiciously silent.

Partly this was because I was having technical issues at the time and have since been very, very busy.

More, though, this was because the intro to the game completely failed to make me, in any way, give a shit.

Generic Bioware RPG Villages and Training Sequences galore! I am the Chosen One! I will follow this careful railroad in which nothing interesting can possibly happen because I have to be given enough false freedom to let me make a few choices of my own, none of which matter in any way!

I am having trouble putting my finger on the precise lack of atmosphere - but there was something about it that just felt SO generic, SO I've-done-this-before, that I had exactly zero interest in the story. (Or the gameplay, but that's another matter.) And therefore, I have yet to bother to run it again.

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