Friday, 23 November 2007

Plant Tycoon

So, I download demos for an RPG and a casual game. And for some reason, I load the casual game. I guess I'm just a little too frazzled lately.

Plant Tycoon is meant to be a slow, relaxing game. Which is good for frazzled, but not so good for having only an hour to try it out, especially with plants that are supposed to grow in real-time. So I ran the brief tutorial and I now have the game closed. If it works correctly, perhaps some plants will have sprouted the next time I launch it. I can tend them quickly and log out again. This will let me keep as much time as possible available to try the demo... but it might damage the relaxingness of it...

It's sort of a pointless game, afaict. But at the same time, there *is* something charming about planting and watering and looking at pretty flowers and bugs. I used to be really fond of Creatures, which is also sort of pointless... if a little more active, and more likely to have done something interesting if you leave it running. Not VERY interesting, though. I think I went on vacation once and left my computer on, running Creatures, to see what happened. Not much.

I've never had real pets. Just the computer.

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