Sunday, 17 August 2008

girls are for ogling?

Poking at the class sets for the upcoming Warhammer Online, we notice that there's apparently one gender-neutral class (goblins, who supposedly don't HAVE gender), one female-only class (dark elf witches, who naturally wear slutty evil bikinis) and two male-only classes (Chaos Marauders, hulking barbarians with mutant arms, and Chosen, heavy armored things)

However, my husband who knows a lot more about Warhammer than I do points out that there *are* female chaos marauders and chosen in the fluff...

P says, "They claim that they can't do female chaos marauders because they 'can't represent them properly'. WTF does that mean?"
P says, "I think it's code for: Women can be hot and fully dressed, or hot and naked, but they can't be ugly."

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