Saturday, 16 August 2008

Rhapsody - Musically Delicious

The cute RPG I mentioned earlier has a special preorder offer to get a little music CD with it. (Game is in English, music is not)

I do like some jpop but I don't think I need it enough to take one of the limited preorders.

Game's still not listed for Europe, of course. And the release probably won't be out in time for me to pick it up while I'm in the US, unless I make a point to get it IMMEDIATELY and go out of my way to arrange that. I dunno. I'm wary of buying anything without first waiting for reviews. On the other hand, it's a quirky import title that has been picked on in the 'mainstream' gaming mags for being girly, it needs my support!

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Rio said...

I've played the original and it was a very nice game. The battles are too easy for an avid RPG though. It'd be a great game for the younger crowd. If you don't mind easy games, getting this for the story itself is worth it.

Having the original, I'm also wary of getting this. I hear the battle mechanics was changed to turned-based plus some new content (characters, graphics, etc). I think I'll get Princess Debut instead...