Thursday, 21 August 2008

Maid RPG!

First heard about via rumor and seeing a scan of the cover:

Game is a translation of a Japanese product and described thusly:

In Maid RPG, the players take on the role of maids who serve a Master who lives in a mansion. That’s the basic setup, but what ensues is often an excuse for the most bizarre chaos imaginable. This is a game that embraces randomness. Characters have random Special Qualities, ranging from Freckles and Glasses to Stalkers and Cyborgs. During the game, characters earn points of Favor by pleasing the Master, and one of the things they can spend Favor on is causing Random Events.

First copies went on sale at GenCon, the official website is still in placeholder format, normal people can't buy it at the moment. But soon...

(And yes, I finally gave in and added a 'tabletop' tag, but I still have to go back and mark older posts...)


Andy K said...

Heya! Thanks for the interest in the game (I produced it, and got pinged on your blog from Google Alerts). If you're into light tabletop games, it may be your thing. The PDF and print copies should be available in maybe 2 weeks or so? And the website should not suck by about next week.

Thanks again!

-D Sutra/Andy K

ps: Good luck on the Ur Quan Masters. That game was the hottest s*** when I was in high school, and even when I played it last year, it was really fulfilling (I needed some cheat guides to find the Rainbow Worlds again, though). Hopefully you'll find something cool in there.

Rio said...

Nice! How do you find this stuff papillon? Monkeys? ...Or maybe butterflies or dogs? ;)

Btw, I don't see anything about a general player age. Can an 11-yr old play this game?

Andy K said...

Btw, I don't see anything about a general player age. Can an 11-yr old play this game?

It's definitely not an adult-themed game, so I totally believe that an 11-year-old can play and enjoy the game, if they like wacky anime. I'm 33, though, so I tend to look at the game from the viewpoint of someone aged 20+.
I had a lot of fun aged 11-13 with Paranoia and Teenagers from Outer Space, so I think folks in that age range can enjoy Maid too.

Whiner said...

How do you find this stuff papillon?

I'm plugged into the internets!

I think this got posted to 4chan and one of my friends that reads that mentioned it to me.

Rio said...

@ Andy K
If it's wacky like Azumanga Daioh then that's great! I think she'll like it not to mention I've wanted to see how a maid game plays. :)

@ Papillon
And not to put pressure on you, but my niece was excited to hear a new Cute Knight was on the way. And I'm kinda curious about it too. n_n