Friday, 1 August 2008

in a wicked age

A while ago I mentioned doing research into some interesting systems to counteract the too-much-wargaming feel 4e had for me.

So we finally got around to doing a testrun of a very, very narrativist system. We screwed up the dice rules a bit, but that's okay, the dice rolling isn't really the most important thing anyway.

You can read a log of the whole story (just the narrative, no dice or OOC discussion) here


Harold said...

So... what did you all think of the game.

I guess you enjoyed it since you wrote the novel of it... but I find those things are -much- more engaging if they include the players' comments/opinions/reactions/complaints/fights/etc.

Whiner said...

That's not a story written up after the fact, that's the actual log of play. We were playing over the internet with a multi-user text editor. Someone wrote a paragraph, someone else wrote a response.

Yes, there was a separate chat window which contained a lot of "It's your turn already!" and "I rolled 8 and 10" but it was completely separated from the story part and wouldn't make any sense if it were posted.

This was one of the main goals of our use of the system - to play something that would leave us with a literary log, rather than a lot of dice rolls, OOC jokes, and poorly-posed combat maneuvers that the GM grumbles about like crazy and spends hours trying to clean up into a story afterwards.