Sunday, 31 August 2008

recent acquisitions

Found: One very battered copy of Psychonauts for the PC, buried among a pile of similarly unwanted PC games (which were not all horrible. there were games in there I'd heard of. Just nothing that was really popular - and the adventure games present were Not My Type) in a discount store. Not quite a dollar store, but definitely a 'random junk' store. It needed rescuing.

Also found: One copy of Magical Starsign for the DS, used, at a game store. DS games seem to hold their value a lot more than most videogames do. The used prices are barely distinguishable from the new prices. Perhaps because since the DS isn't bleeding edge anyway, the customers are less eager to dispose of last month's games in favor of the latest shiny? Anyway, we went there hoping to find a copy of Mario Kart cheap (as I have one, but two would enable us to share more races) but even in a generic store box, no manual, the price was still very high. MOST used games were pretty pricy, saving only Sprung, the western Dating Sim that generally nobody liked, to the point that I could only remember negative reviews and couldn't figure out whether it was worth even a few bucks for research purposes.

Anyway, Magical Starsign was the best intersection of quality and cheap that I could find.


Karl said...

You didn't like Psychonauts?

Whiner said...

Hrm? I didn't say anything about liking or disliking it, just that I found a cheap copy and bought it (and haven't played it yet. I'm on vacation, I don't have a good PC setup here.)

Demimonde Mesila Thraam said...

I'm dying to know whether it has any connection to one particular interpretation of its title: 'psychonaut' is a slangy, recent-vintage descriptor of a person who enjoys 'riding the rainbow'...or "racking up oodles of Frequent Flyer Miles via fairly often traveling across the great Abysses of Sea by means of the vaunted and treasured "Lambda Sigma Delta Airlines", aka Sugarcube Choo-Choo Cruise Ship" if going by land.

Alas, the tickets to these fine transportation establishments are sadly missing completely now, and the riders are grouchy, grumbly and hovering sadly heads bent to stare at sidewalks, shaking back/forth in angst lacking the energy to even qualify as true angst.

When news of ticket availability is heard, though it will in all likelihood be naught but cruel rumour, our ears will all perk up as one, clamouring for details, evidence of non-hoaxing...evidence of no-joking truth-be-told actual GOOD NEWS regarding a long-awaited much needed Vacation.

I have a kinda-sorta-mayhaps idea for game-design to pass on to you, but it's far too complex for this comment-form--ergo, shall wait for days, weeks, months it must...before it {!perhaps!} makes itself known...if in fact it gets around to doing such.)

Karl said...

(Pretty weird post, you are talking about LSD, right?)

No, there's no reference to drugs in Psychonauts, and i have played through the whole thing. It's more about PSI powers like reading minds and telekinesis. But with enough acid in the head you can do this as well, i am sure. :-)