Thursday, 15 January 2009


So I noticed the price had been lowered and therefore bought myself a copy.

Jumping back into the game after a long break was a bit disconcerting.

Swim swim swim, ooo pretty shiny ocean! Look, an interesting object to mark on my map! Look, a glowing thing that will love me! Look, some fish that are swimming ACK STOP OH GOD MY LEG

... basically, my happy mood of going around looking at stuff keeping being interrupted by stuff randomly deciding to kill me. I say randomly because it's not at all clear when looking at the visuals what is and isn't hostile. Some things are just art and will dance around happily with you as you swim and spin. Some will leave you alone if you leave them alone but if you happen to swim up next to them they will leave spikes in your flesh and you will bleed. Some will chase you down, spitting fireballs and ramming into your swimsuit-clad body at high speed.

To survive, I find myself stuck in my 'DARK POWER' form, firing energy bolts like they're about to expire. Sometimes, my dark power form laughs an evil laugh. I suspect some later plot development will tell me that I am a terrible person who is responsible for destroying the ecosystem or some crap like that. Look, no matter how much you want to save the whales, it's not the top thing on your mind when the whale is CHEWING THROUGH THE COASTLINE TO GET TO YOUR HOUSE AND EAT YOU.

Every time I get killed when I was happily exploring, I get more annoyed and return to the game in an angry hurry to try and get to where I was, therefore failing to 'explore' the same areas that I've already been to, potentially missing out on important thingies. And eventually I get annoyed enough to exit the game entirely. Bah.

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