Wednesday, 7 January 2009

clone degradation

There is a new game out, Satisfashion, which is clearly trying to follow in the footsteps of Jojo's Fashion Show, of which I have blogged before. Many elements are similar, and the graphics (of the characters at least) are actually superior... more colorful, more fun. But the gameplay itself completely missed the point.

Jojo's started by trying to explain a style to you. They gave you a whole long list of elements that related to each style. Red, Leather, Tight, Low-Cut - these all might be elements of one style. So you'd know that if you saw an outfit that was loose, purple, and flowing, it probably didn't match.

This game seems to have decided that working out all those style details is way too much trouble. (Well, it probably IS a lot of work.) Instead, they assign all clothing items to categories, and you find out which category an item belongs to by hovering your mouse over it and looking at the little symbol that's displayed.

Which means that instead of looking at clothing and evaluating styles, it all comes down to some sort of frantic click-the-matching-sign and the clothes are practically irrelevant. This show's symbol is Pink Flower? Quick, mouse over everything and click on whatever says Pink Flower!

I assume it gets more complicated later when you have multiple styles in play and you have to try to remember which outfit best matched which symbol, but at least clicking through the first few rounds of it, it felt dull. Fast-paced and VERY shiny colored, but not really engaging gameplay wise. (And the makeup/wigs were AWFUL. I winced, having to turn those cute girls into such bizarre looking things!)

You get to add your own pattern/color to clothes at a few points as a 'design' element, but it doesn't feel really creative enough to be exciting... more like a waste of time.

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