Saturday, 17 January 2009


So, thanks to Fork's tip, I downloaded it to try out.

Graphically it's got that fondly-familiar clunkiness that reminds me a bit of Diablo. Gameplay is slightly irritating in some ways (hold down mouse AND control to keep attacking?) No one minds when you loot their houses.

There are lots of little touches that make me laugh. The vampire's backstory is suitably over the top, and she makes silly comments a lot while playing. Blood puddles spread under bodies when you kill them. Sometimes when you kill people you hack off a limb and red pixels fountain from the stump for a while as they die. It doesn't look realistic at all, so instead of making me ew, it makes me laugh.

It's also really funny when you smash skeletons, and they fall down, then a few seconds later they get up again and you knock them down again and their heads fall off and you steal their heads, then the headless body gets up again and you have to knock it down again...

The game is cute enough in its way. But I have SO much to do right now! I suspect I may let it pass and worry about it later.

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