Monday, 26 January 2009

more stuff no one cares about

Apparently Joystiq is merging DSFanboy up into other nintendo news and pulling it back to their own site.

From a branding perspective, it's not illogical. I hadn't even realise that was PART of joystiq.

On the other hand, I have no interest in reading general nintendo news, I don't own a wii. And combining them makes me worry that more-niche, weird-import-related DS news items will fade out in favor of more mainstream stuff.

If I had the time, I might want to make "DS Fangirl"? :) But I don't.

Oh, and I finally got my christmas copy of Time Hollow - imported and only barely breaking the re-announced europe release date of 'next month'. And it's still in its packaging. Too busy!

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