Monday, 5 January 2009

hearts are wild

So, I got around to trying Heartwild Solitaire, a game I mentioned once before. It's quite pretty, with relaxing piano music and luxurious backgrounds. However, even with plenty of forewarning, it was still rather shocking to START the game, without having even played any cards yet, in a nasty violent romantic situation, bleeding and fleeing from my abusive partner. I wonder how well this plays with the casual audience? (And what does it say about the average casual player if it goes over well?)

Anyway, the game itself is more enticing than standard solitaire for me due to the prettiness and unusual card layouts. You have only so many 'special' powers (like the ability to turn over the holder deck and play them again, or shuffle all cards, or even just to retry the level) so you can run out, get stuck, and 'lose' - but this only means your current score goes to the highscore list as is, and you continue from that point with a clean zero and a fresh set of powers.

It's not exactly pulse-pounding excitement, but who expects that from solitaire?

BFG Demo

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