Thursday, 22 January 2009

fading lustre

Over the weekend, I was really obsessed with Aquaria. I got bunches of new forms and ran all over the place exploring stuff and digging up treasures. Was stumped a few times and looked up hints, but generally kept playing and hearing the music even in my sleep.

For some reason, my enthusiasm dropped off completely on finding Li. I dunno, running around the ocean just doesn't feel the same with this weird guy tagging along. From the descriptions, Naija is experiencing stuff I can't experience or understand... I feel no kinship here, I'm unimpressed. Especially since I can't ask him anything. Finally finding a person should mean being able to share stuff and get reactions! But he's just a lump. He'll probably do something eventually, especially when I find the right location to drag him to (guess that wall wasn't it). But the obsessive need to swim around and find more stuff has dwindled. I didn't even launch the game for a day.

(Also, I complain that wall-climbing is TOO HARD. Whine whine whine. And even if I finally made it through the passage and across the bubbles there'd probably be some dumb monster there that would totally kill me as a reward for spending hours trying to reach it.)

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Paul Eres said...

You can always leave him behind. Just find a safe place and sing his song and he'll "stay" there until you return. Either that or he'll return to where you found him. You don't actually need him to do anything until the end of the game, so you can enjoy 95% of the game without him if you choose.