Saturday, 13 June 2009

DS RPG News & Reviews

(Not from me - I have a copy of Revenant Wings and have played about... 15% completion or so? ... before getting slightly bored.)

The old-school, DS-indie Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (review sumup - If you think SNES rpgs are the Best Thing Ever, you're the target audience. Have a nice long game and a lot of battles.)

The "rpg board game" Dokapon Journey (multiplayer randomness with lots of opportunity for backstabbing your friends. I need to find out if it requires two carts or not. If not, this is a must-buy for me just because I need something other than Mario Kart to share. :) )

3d action/puzzle/adventure/whatever Steal Princess (Which sounds like it's a bit awkward to control, and remains in my "If I spot it in a bargain bin" category of interest.)


Andrew said...

You should try out Class of Heroes - it's really good.

Their blog is great:

Even the webcomic is really funny!

Whiner said...

That would be rather difficult seeing as how it's not a DS game. :)

Andrew said...

Egad. I was so jazzed about the game I forgot. I know a really nice game for DS -- suikoden tierkreis