Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Do I want the new Sims game?

I've never bought one before. Partly because my husband thinks they're of the devil. (No, I don't understand that either. I think he thinks they're pointless timewasters, but you can say that for a lot of games. Like the MMORPGs he's always playing.)

I tend to be a little grouchy about games that are intentionally released incomplete so that paid-for expansion packs can be slotted in later.

On the other hand, I've heard that they threw out the DRM after the Spore backlash, and (as an anti-DRM campaigner) that does sort of push me towards "maybe I should".

... But I really don't need another PC game at the moment. And I've never played these things and might find them boring. I've certainly found the virtual-whatever games that turn up on portals boring... I did enjoy Creatures way back when, but even that's only interesting in a few doses...

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