Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Dungeons and Dragons Online

is apparently going free-to-play later this summer.

Will this make a difference?

I played the game for a short while, long ago. It wasn't a bad game - I quite liked the quest texts - but it was thoroughly group-oriented at the time and it was tough to keep a good group together. Especially when your friends live all around the world and the game automatically split accounts by geographical region and wouldn't let you transfer servers. (At the time. I think we ended up having to import US copies.) It wasn't interesting enough for me to enthusiastically make other people play it, or to miss it when it was gone.

Going free will certainly at least motivate me to redownload it and see how it plays now. (I have no idea if things have changed because of, like, 4e and stuff)

Going free may also make it a lot easier to entice friends to 'try it' in order to get them into a group to take on a dungeon.

... and requiring you to pay to be a Drow should help keep the microtransactions rolling :)

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