Tuesday, 16 June 2009

speaking of ridiculous

seen on a blog comments thread:

I got Skate2 and you can choose to play as a man or woman... But if you choose a woman, you get a "gender bender" achievement, because obviously a woman wouldn't play it so you must be trans or gay... And, even when you created a female character, all the dialogue still referred to you in the masculine!

... If I were feeling charitable I would point out that companies try frantically to think of ANYTHING that they can label an 'achievement' so it's not that surprising it makes them stupid sometimes, but...


Francis Clarke said...

I was under the impression you got that achievement if you started the game as either sex and then changed aftwards, but I'm not exactly an avid Skate 2 player.

Considering there are a number of female pro skaters it seems a little silly otherwise.

You can treat men and woman differently in games and make it work though - look at Fallout 3 and it's Black Widow / Ladies Man perks.

Whiner said...

Since I've never played the game I'm not sure, but websearching the achievement suggested you could get Gender Bender right away without even starting the game just by editing the 'default' skater. Dunno.