Friday, 12 June 2009

I think I'm getting old...

Because when I read this description of an upcoming adventure game:

15 Days is a fast-paced and sophisticated adventure game about Cathryn, Mike and Bernard - a troupe of political activists – stealing art for good causes. In meticulously planned coups, the three Londoners living in a hip loft steal precious paintings from the best guarded museums in the world. The group then donates their millions, Robin Hood style, to development projects in Africa. Their goal is to share out the money of eccentric art collectors to the poor.

“We unfold the narrative in two parallel storylines and let the action rotate quickly between four main characters. This makes 15 Days a fast-paced and very dynamic adventure game – both in terms of narrative and aesthetics”, says Martin Ganteföhr, Creative Director of House of Tales. The Bremen/Germany-based developer studio is responsible for several award-winning genre highlights such as Overclocked – A History of Violence, The Mystery of the Druids and The Moment of Silence.

... my first response was not "Yay, adventure games!" or "Cool, switching between characters" but instead "... stealing from museums? What sort of lame political activists are you? Aren't museums generally funded by donations and otherwise the exact sort of money source that also funds your development project? In order for the museums to even attempt to buy the paintings back, they'd have to drum up money from people who therefore can't finance OTHER worthy causes. And even then, there's limits to what museums can afford... Who are you going to sell these stolen artworks to in order to get your millions? Rich private art collectors, who'll keep it for themselves instead of letting everyone benefit? You're stealing from the POOR to give to the RICH!"

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