Sunday, 13 June 2010


It's never going to be my favorite VN, and I'm never going to really like the protagonist. But it's at least not completely dull, and I do intend to pick up all the endings. (Unlike Snow Sakura, where I was too bored to get more than one.) Also, I was warned, but SHEESH that one ending does its best to put you through the ringer, doesn't it?

I'm playing the all-ages version. It's *very* clear where the sex scenes were, and there's sufficient sexual language and description remaining that I'd question calling this "all ages". A reasonable job has been done at trimming the scenes in a way that you can guess at what went on. In at least one place a plot-relevant conversation is held while people are nude; the trimmed version just displays a black screen while the lovers fumble around (descriptively) and talk. In another, a bit of a cg (cropped to hide breasts) is shown quickly and fades away as a hint of the sex scene you're missing.

Given the dreadful quality of sex scene writing in most h-games, I doubt I'm missing much.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the part about the H-scenes as well. I think that could easily have been fixed with a little editing to make the text less "adult" around those though... :P

Whiner said...

Oddly enough, one CG has been edited so that bare breasts can be displayed (with nipples conveniently covered) but the CGs from the breast grabbing scene have been dropped entirely, even though no bare skin was shown. Someone has some strange views on what needs to be censored.

Anonymous said...

I see, didn't know that!

I think things went just a little too fast when getting this version out :P