Thursday, 10 June 2010

The World Ends With You

Have been playing this a bit lately, in small spurts. For one, I like playing portable games that way, for another the combat hurts my hands pretty quickly, and for a third, you get XP for the time you have the console turned off, so you feel like you've actually achieved something by waiting.

It's quite overwhelming at first. There are zillions upon zillions of options and details. If you let go and trust in the game, you'll be all right - it does introduce things slowly as you need them, and MOST of the details are optional anyway. But if you're a stubborn sort who pokes around at the interface and tries to understand everything up front, you can be a bit bowled over. Especially with the fighting in two screens at once.

Helpful tip for utter newbies - COMPLETELY IGNORE the upper screen at first. She'll take care of herself (especially once you find the option to adjust the auto-pilot control for her). As you go along, you'll encounter fights where there are no enemies near your character, or all your pins are in recharge mode and can't be used for a few moments, and THEN you'll have time to look up and pay attention to your partner.

Protagonist is a jerk, but that's clearly the point, and the plot will be dealing with it...

It's disppointing that with all the fashionable accessories you can buy to dress up your characters, you don't seem to get to actually dress up your characters. They boost stats, but with all these descriptions of fun clothes I'd really like to be able to properly SEE them on the characters. That would also make the Bravery stat make more sense, if these outfits were visible...

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