Saturday, 19 June 2010


I haven't said much about this, have I? Well... It's interesting, I guess, but the plot doesn't leave me filled with rage, gasping with excitement, bursting with laughter, or inspired to deep thought enough to really expound upon it. Don't take that as a knock on the game, because it isn't, it's just that it doesn't have the exact kind of moments that are likely to make me make a post about it.

The game is quite forgiving with all its multi-layered-ness, there's a ton of optional stuff. I will probably never be able to play that damned minigame, but even though it comes up in the plot several times it's always optional and you can always continue without it. Playing collect-them-all is also totally optional (and I seem to suck at it despite making some effort). The difficulty level is quite flexible, and I regularly play with my settings at such a position that I can easily dial down if I get stuck on a tough fight and breeze through it, so my progress isn't interrupted.

EDIT: Unfortunately, it seems that all the optional stuff becomes a lot less optional if you want to actually get to the REAL game plot. Alas!

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