Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Trouble with Mystery

... is that it leaves reviewers flummoxed for things to say.

Both professional reviews for Date Warp so far have come out saying little more about the game than what's on the game's official webpage. As anyone who's played the demo can tell you, there's more than one 'surprise' moment within the demo itself, and obviously more to come as the game goes on.

But if all you can say is "Nothing is as it seems", that's not a very helpful review for a player wanting to know if she should pick it up, is it?

The opening video itself, as these things generally do, contains some spoilers. But if you don't tease people with hints of what's to come, how are they supposed to get interested? :)


Rio said...

It's a bit of a quandary; do they spoil the game for the player or do they keep mum and let them find out for themselves?

But if you already mentioned the hints then I don't get why they don't mention them as well.... :\

Whiner said...

The Gamezebo review did add the helpful information that someone will, at some point in the game, say "FUCK." :)

(I knew when I wrote it that certain casual sites would wince, but considering who and why, it couldn't really have been avoided.)

Yummi said...

I just played through the demo - and if I had to say something about this game... it would be that Bradley is a crazy ass psycho. I don't think that alone spoils much, lol. :)