Friday, 22 October 2010

it comes in boxes

So, our little print run of Date Warp discs arrived!

(And I am terrible at marketing speak and had an awful time trying to make these up and figure out what to say on them. I think they look pretty good, but it's still embarassing to think about, I hate trying to sell myself. There is also an image on the disc and the inside cover but I'm not scanning that, you'll just have to get one yourself.)

These are intended to be sold at Yaoi-Con. The leftovers (and I'm sure there will be plenty; it's not like we have experience at selling hard copies!) I will offer up after the event (or pass on to a Certain Someone Else to resell, depending on how many there are).


Ayu Sakata said...

Nice! Looking good~

Venus said...

The cover looks nice.
Good luck on sales!