Sunday, 17 October 2010

Magical Diary characters

Introducing some the major characters for the first game:

Ellen is one of your roommates in Horse Hall. A sweet girl, slightly shy, and as new to magic as you are.

Virginia, your other roommate. Exuberant, athletic, and born into a magical family.

Donald, one of Virginia's two brothers (Donald is the middle child, Virginia is the youngest). He's a troublemaker in Wolf Hall.

... And this is Damien, a senior in Falcon Hall, and he's trouble of a different sort...


Plotwise, the election has finally been held in-text, moving on to the next week! Also, I'm starting to put together a Magical Diary webpage but it's pretty much placeholder at the moment.


Don said...

Oh Hai! I'm Donald, and my baby sister is Virginia. I'll have to point her to this project.

Don said...

Oh, and I'm the oldest. We have a sister between us... lol