Tuesday, 19 October 2010

pop star love

Quite late on posting this, but noticed this discussion elsewhere of a "real life" dating sim - licensed games about actual famous idols and the like.

If marketed at squealing thirteen-year-olds, it's... potentially cute, I guess, and not all that unlike normal fanclub activities.

But it also triggers some thoughts about very creepy stalker types who already have this bizarre tendency to decide that they're In A Relationship With a famous person, and break into their house or get angry with them for failing to turn up to "dates" or the like.

Of course, anyone not batshit shouldn't think that the existence of the game entitles them to real-life romance... right?

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Ayu Sakata said...

D: This is actually kinda creepy. Fictional romance is nice, but when you're using actual names and faces, it starts getting all freaky and "ohai, here come the crazy people."

I don't think this is a good idea at all. It's hard enough to convince girls that they're NOT Justin Bieber's true love when he says something like "Yeah, I'd date a fan." But to actually go through all the motions so that you somehow think that you know how to win him now. EEeee....