Monday, 18 October 2010

Quit school, start your own business

Although I doubt that any video game developer will be chosen for this program.

Slate is appalled by the notion, I'm not. What has my university education done for me, exactly? Not much that I can think of, directly anyway. I had a good time there, I'm not saying I definitely shouldn't have gone, but it wouldn't really have been a great loss if I hadn't. University didn't teach me the skills I use now to make a living, and it didn't get me a great job either. It made me someone who was most comfortable IN a university and just wanted to stay there forever!

Of course, if the huge cost of my university education had just been handed to me as a bulk sum seed money to get started in the world, I wouldn't have had a clue what to do with it at the age of 18. But if I'd been *expected* to take that seed money and get out there, maybe I would have thought more about it ahead of time and had some sort of plan?

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Lexington Alexander said...

LOL! I think about this sometimes, but I am glad that I graduated. I think that quitting school is the right advice for some people, but the wrong advice for others at the same time.