Monday, 11 October 2010

read 'em and weep

Magical Diary
current numbers: 32,305 words, 58 menus. plot progress: Midway through week 6.

I'm currently working on Class Officer Elections, a subplot that most players will probably miss entirely their first time through, because you have to be a student in good standing on to be eligible to run: no demerits. And many people won't have worked out how to gain merits yet that early in the game.

Being a class officer will affect events throughout the year, but it probably won't open up HUGE amounts of officer-only content, partly because it's easy to not even realise this is here, and partly because I was never a class officer myself so I don't have quite as many good ideas for it. :)

.... This would be going faster if I didn't keep playing Avernum. Oops.

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