Thursday, 30 December 2010


phew! okay, done, and boy do my fingers hurt. It does get very Ever 17 there by the end of it. Alas, some of my cool theories had to be discarded along the way (and it's tempting to try and make games out of some of those cool theories, but tricky to do so without the result looking too much like either the early parts of this game, or Battle Royale...)


Nhu said...

But does it beat Ever17?

My guess is no?

I'd give it a go if it got anywhere close though...

Whiner said...

Well, if you've already played Ever 17 then [various stuff I can't spoil] isn't going to be nearly as impressively brain-breaking, but will instead feel very familiar. (No, it's not the same plot. I really can't explain.)

There is, unsurprisingly, a lot more focus on the situation and the puzzles than there is on the characters, unlike in Ever17 where they really don't do much towards solving their predicament, most of the time. Here, you're busy trying to get out alive the whole time. You can't pursue individual characters for relationship purposes and you won't get to know many of them that deeply. And all of the endings until you reach the true one will leave you with nothing but huge question marks and zero resolution, until you finally tear through the true path with your fingers aching to find out what it all means. There's no halfway-happy outcome where you can stop along the way, you HAVE to finish.

But if you like Ever17 you'll probably enjoy this. It is the same writer AFAIK. And almost every review on Amazon is 5-stars.