Tuesday, 21 December 2010

not cool, guys

So, I quit WoW after my account was hacked, but I still know people who play.

My husband, for one, just got back into the game with the new expansions. Unfortunately he ran smack into a big problem with the goblin quests.

Apparently to play game as a goblin you are required to murder your girlfriend/boyfriend for being a slut ("cheating on you"). You are required to literally rip his/her heart out. You cannot leave the starting zones without doing this. ("required" in the sense that the game makes you do it, not that your character is forced to do it against his/her will. It's a But Thou Must situation. Your only option, afaik, is to quit and not play the goblin race. Which, for the moment, is what he's doing. Because this is fucked up.)

Yes, it's just a game, but... what the hell?

Imagine how disturbing that would be for anyone who's actually suffered from domestic violence, or known someone who has.

It should be obvious that this COULD really upset someone, and for that reason it should not be mandatory. (Again, I'm not arguing that this should be expunged from the game and the goblins should be made into squeaky-clean nice people. But this questline should not be mandatory.)

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