Friday, 3 December 2010

this is not news, this is a blog!

An article on how games 'journalism' tends to be even worse than regular journalism.

Most clear conclusion - Kotaku is a long way from a serious and reliable site. Hopefully that's not news to anyone either.

The comments seem really sulky. If you're approaching your games sites from the viewpoint of entertainment rather than information, you have plenty of reason not to mind that they're sensationalised and editorialised. But in that case, why get upset about someone pointing it out?

Unfortunately, the mention of sexism also derailed the comments into a shouting war. I say unfortunate because it IS an issue worth exploring in the space of games reporting, and it is a particular problem with Kotaku. However, throwing one particularly controversial element into your post tends to skew people's ability to read and understand the rest of your data, and without shared definitions of sexism there's no real way to reply to the people angrily yelling 'How DARE you call us that!' Like - is an article flagged as sexist if it is about a game which is in itself sexist? Or only if it adds EXTRA sexism on top of that? What about articles which assume the reader is a heterosexual male? I find that sexist but some het males reading it won't even see that unless it's pointed out.... If you're going to measure things it really helps if people know what you're measuring them by.

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