Thursday, 16 December 2010

Brutal Legend

I'm not playing it - I don't do modern consoles - but it's amusing to sit and watch someone else play. The storytelling is generally well-integrated to the gameplay and there's enough shiny things on a big screen that a second person watching and just occasionally pointing 'Over there!' or 'Try X instead!' isn't completely useless. Missions are short and clear and it's easy to carve up into chunks so we can play a little now, stop when I get restless, and come back later.

So it's a share-y thing, unlike most of the games a certain someone has for his PS3 here, which I peer at for only a moment to note the graphics and then get bored.

... I still don't do modern consoles. I haven't appreciated these post-SNES enormous controllers!

(I should note that we're not that far into it now, because I have a limited attention span for sitting on the couch watching someone else do stuff. It may get more grindy and less funny later.)


Kazriko said...

Don't do modern consoles?

How about the DS and PSP? They have about the same number of buttons as the SNES.

Whiner said...

You might notice from the tagging that I do have a DS. :) I don't really count portables in the same category as 'modern consoles' because of the big difference in graphics and controllers.

I'm less tempted by the PSP as in general the kind of games it gets seem to be less of a match for my tastes. OTOH there have been some cool PSP-only games I've heard of.