Thursday, 9 December 2010


The past two nights my net connection has gone out for over an hour at a time. (See? I'm not making the problems up!)

I got no sleep last night for other reasons.

So I'm a zombie today, so what am I doing? Hacking the graphics files for Avernum 4 to look more like Avernum 6. Thankfully it's easy to do even when braindead.

If you've played it, you can tell that I've been messing with it. Even if you haven't, you can probably see graphics mismatches everywhere to clue you where I've been cutting and pasting. The only problems I have with it now are that it can't match the widescreen of this monitor and that there's a very noticeable lag every time I bring up the file menu, which seems ridiculous for an old game on a fast computer. And since I'm early in the game and my characters have the longevity of a sneeze, I have that menu up a lot.

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