Monday, 7 March 2011


I saw screens and trailers of this and was confused. All the marketing talked about was the story, all the trailer mostly showed was animation, but I was pretty sure nobody was releasing a VN onto the PS3 in English. So what _was_ this? An RPG? A platformer? Something else?

According to wikipedia, it's an "action adventure puzzle platformer". I'm... not sure that actually narrows it down much. :)

As best I can tell, though, it's a game soaked entirely in the mythology of being a guy who is incredibly crap at dealing with women (AND men but in different ways) and yet gets tangled up with multiple crazy gorgeous girls and proceeds to hang out in a bar, get drunk, waffle about fear of commitment, and suck at everything. It's hard for me to be excited about putting myself in those shoes. (Of course, as a console game I can't play it anyway. I wonder if anyone will produce a cutscene-only version of it?)


AL said...

I think you should have a look at these articles about "Herbivorous Men and Carnivororous Women"

miruki said...

The puzzle-platforming part is basically quickly running away from monsters while avoiding deathly traps. That's what I've seen from gameplay trailers so far. Definitely no gameplay for me, but I love the design and will just force my best friend to play it while I'll watch. ;)