Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I've been playing Academagia slightly obsessively lately, catching up with the latest content, and wondering if I should make use of illegal mind-control magic to try and get the two nerdy girls to stop fighting so I can keep them both in my clique and RULE THE WORLD.

... well, not actual illegal mind-control magic, not on this particular character who hasn't managed to learn it. But she has got amazingly good powers of (wait for it) calligraphy. So good, that there is a slim chance she can write people instructions that look so polished and professional that they will reflexively obey.

See, there are two very nerdy girls with similar special powers, and perhaps to prevent you from powergaming too much, they can't stand each other. I had them both in my clique early on, but then they started fighting and ever since if I try to befriend them both, my entire clique immediately implodes and they BOTH stomp off. I no longer need their special powers this late in the game, I simply have a vague desire to find out if it's possible to get them patched up. Many ridiculous things are possible! But there are a lot more skills in the game to make people hate each other than to make them like each other - you can make them like YOU but that doesn't help with this situation. However, if I used mind control (or, um, calligraphy) to seize control of one of them, MAYBE I could then make them be friendly to each other...

EDIT: Apparently not, sadly - I can seize control of one and tell her to be friendly in general, but I STILL can't seem to make her be friendly with who I want her to be friendly with. Even with mind-control powers! Alas.

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