Thursday, 3 March 2011

just another saturday night

Magical Diary Testers may notice that the game hasn't advanced much lately. Or rather, I've been doing a lot of writing, but the day-counter hasn't been moving at all. There's a reason for that.

On this particular Saturday, you might have a date scheduled with one of three different characters. The day before, a fourth character may show up and suddenly beg you to go out with him instead. You can reject him in favor of your original plan, reject your original plan in favor of him, or desperately try to juggle two dates on the same day. And when the actual Saturday rolls around, a fifth character might show up and supercede the entire plan.

So there's sort of a lot of options going on there, with not just all the romantic encounters, but everyone else's potential reactions to the encounters you schedule and which ones you do or don't manage to keep. Not to mention the romantic disaster going on behind the scenes with a couple of NPCs, whose problems have only been vaguely hinted at so far but are slowly going to become more relevant.

It's a very busy weekend.

Naturally, on any individual playthrough, you're only going to see a fraction of what's written for that weekend...

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miruki said...

I've pre-ordered my copy of the game yesterday and played the beta up until it ran out of script.

I've got to say: You did a damn well job with this game. :) There's a few things that bothered me, nothing big, but I'm gonna mail you later about that. :)

Can't wait to play the full version!