Thursday, 24 March 2011

today in fun with dialog flags

Magical Diary script writing is now reaching Valentine's Day.

That means you might have sent valentines to people and they might have sent valentines to you.

The type of valentines on offer can vary, depending on whether or not you're playing Class Treasurer and have decided to alter the default settings.

Each type of valentine can be addressed with multiple tones - romantic, friendly, or humorous.

You can send valentines to people even if you're not on their path. Even if they hate you.

So there has to be a slew of possible reactions depending on what sort of valentine you sent, what tone you wrote it in, and how the person you sent it to feels about you... and then there's all of THEIR valentines for YOU to receive as well...

All of this comes down to only a line or two for each possibilities. But there are a lot of possibilities.

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