Thursday, 31 March 2011

small world

I can't play the ipad version because I don't have one, but I have played Small World and find it a lot of fun. Somehow, it manages to be sufficiently fast, light, and random that I (as someone who is not a big fan of war/strategy) don't feel overwhelmed or bored, and yet still entertains my more wargamey friends.

... of course, if I'd known there was a "Look! Tits!" expansion, I might have raised more eyebrows. That never came near our table. And what's the point? You have a cute little wargame that (based on our small sample size) is reasonably girl-friendly - was this a misguided attempt at attracting more female players, or a reassurance to macho players that the game wasn't "for kids"? Sure, it's silly, I'm sure the game is just as much fun with these races on it, but that cover art is not an accident. What were they trying to achieve there?

It looks like they might have been races designed by (male) players as part of a contest...

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