Wednesday, 16 March 2011

other people I hate

So, apparently it's BAFTA game awards time, and sadly, some people are paying attention as if it were an actual contest.

My bitterness, it knows no bounds.

It's like that sad day when you discover that there is no Easter Bunny, and you wonder why people have been lying to you all your life. (Which didn't actually happen to me, but I've heard for some, this is traumatic.)

Or like that disturbing day when you realise that legal adulthood doesn't magically grant you an understanding of the world or any idea of what to do next.

Or like that terrifying day when you realise that nobody else knows either and that the fate of the world is in their hands.

... I guess maybe compared to that last, the existential angst of realising that most 'awards' come from a place of deep bias affected by money and don't convey any actual meaning seems pretty small. But it still sucks.

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