Thursday, 21 February 2008


So far, I have retrieved my amulet from the crypt and gone through the ridiculous wine cellar. I am level 4 and playing kiting games with the bandits on the south coast. (If I circle around trees properly, only one bandit at a time can hit me, and I can win!)

Playing an evil bastard also means that I don't feel like clicking on many of the quest options - I don't want to be helpful, I want to be rich and powerful!

Minor quirks: Badguys won't zone following you, but will remain in position for days on end waiting for you to come back? Seems a little silly with human bandits. Also, nearly killing a human bandit and then letting a salamander bite him to death gets no XP? Hrmph.

Resting INSIDE A HOUSE with the door CLOSED should not allow monsters to spawn inside the closed house, surely.

Clicking on a town sign to enable quick travel may or may not work depending on where you were standing, even if it showed the text of the sign and gave no indication you needed to be closer.

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