Tuesday, 11 December 2007

bookworm adventure arena

Arena mode is hard, especially when I'm having a Brain Fail. I don't enjoy it nearly as much as the adventure mode. But annoyingly, I can't go back and play any of those levels without starting over, and if I start over I have to go through the stupid tutorial stuff again! ARGH!

Why did they choose this? Why can't I just play some nice untimed battles?


M12 said...

It's cool to whine about games. Good on you. Maybe if you included screenshots of the games, the posts could be even more interesting?

Whiner said...

When I first mention a game, I will usually link to it, so interested people can go and see for themselves. Taking and uploading screenshots all the time would take way too long and slow down my ability to ramble - I just plain wouldn't post if I had to post screenshots with everything.

Sometimes I post a picture if it's important, but there's nothing relevant to see in that post.