Sunday, 30 December 2007


There are the beginnings of quiet sulking that I have already invested more time in playing my new Zelda than in messing with Odin Sphere.

Dear reader, please recall that I actually *own* a DS. I chose it for myself. I have multiple games. I am quite fond of the thing. Among its many merits, it is well designed for a busy computer user, who may be waiting through a long boring upload or compile or server-is-down or any number of other things that leave me bored for very short periods of time. The DS is easy to pick up and play a little and then close if I suddenly need to do something else.

I do not own a PS2. There is one in the house, but it's not mine. Using it requires leaving my stuff and going and setting myself up somewhere else, where I can do nothing but play the PS2. It may require plugging and unplugging things, depending on who's been fooling around with the house equipment. And, of course, everyone can watch me play. It is not as conducive to spur-of-the-moment gaming desire.

Both these devices will quickly leave me with sore hands. One just feels a little more welcoming in the process.

... There are times when I'd *like* to be able to beam the DS image onto the TV for everyone to watch, of course...

Maybe I just have too short an attention span?

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