Thursday, 27 December 2007

follow the brightly painted signs!

New christmas present - Legend of Zelda - The Phantom Hourglass

Haven't played much yet but so far it's fun, except for the little detail of rather over-the-top handholding. Both in the form of 'Stop trying to be a clever little explorer! Go to the next plot point and nowhere else!' and in the form of endlessly repeating completely obvious information. "This is a KEY! You can use it to open a DOOR! Click on the DOOR to open it!" might have been useful to a moron the first time. The fourth time, I THINK I KNOW WHAT A KEY IS DAMMIT.

Also, the recognition of the circular motions is sometimes a little dodgy. It can take multiple tries to pull off a somersault or a spin attack. Which is extra annoying when the tutorial berates you for multiple screens for not following directions.

Naturally, there are chickens to chase. It wouldn't be Zelda without chickens.

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