Thursday, 6 December 2007

games as they once were and are now

Just wandering through to see how many of these games I knew in their original incarnations.

Frogger I played - didn't everyone? I may have played some ripoff version rather than the original, it was harder to tell back then. No deep fondness for it, though.

Kirby - I like the real Kirby and have no interest in a 3d version. Kirby on the DS where you trace a line is great, btw. Go Kirby!

Choplifter - This looks familiar and I think I remember SEEING it, but not PLAYING it.

A lot of these I can't even figure out what they're supposed to be...

I heard the ghostbusters game was great but I never played it.

Asteroids was hard to avoid but I was never really into it.

Dig Dug I played in the arcades, I think. I preferred Mr Do.

That 3d version of Donkey Kong looks CREEEEEPY. Yes, I did play the original.

Donkey Kong jr! I had that on my coleco. Ditto for Ladybug, although my mom liked that more t han I did. She actually woke me up once to show me she'd gotten to a new level. Me, a little kid. How often did YOUR parents wake you up to show you videogames?

Tetris is hardly worth mentioning - hasn't everyone played it, and many versions since?

Twilight Treasures - Looks vaguely familiar but I don't think I ever played that treasure diving thing.

I fail to see the point in making a bad Mario knockoff. Hrmph.

Hrm... not that much then.

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