Sunday, 9 December 2007

whine about demos

Okay, so Aquaria is out now.

Of course, at least when I tried, the top two links on that page didn't work. (Having your OWN version of the demo be down? Huh?)

Also, the demo wails at me in anguish when I quit. Which doesn't really encourage me to launch it again, especially since I don't feel up to buying it at the moment.

And console-style save slots? Argh!

It's very pretty. And neat. And interesting. It just has many little details that make me whine. Like, maybe it's just that I'm not very awake at the moment, so my eyes aren't 100%, but I'm having trouble telling some of the colors apart. This means a lot of awkward fumbling around with the singing, trying to guess what color I'm supposed to be using.

It's pretty. I'm sure people will like it. I don't have time to own it right now.

Also, I think I may have broken it by trying to drag an item across room borders, making it disappear...

Also, to Parhedros - I want to try out your RPG and find out why it is flying under the radar. WHY ARE YOU INSISTING ON INSTALLING TO MY C DRIVE? My C drive does not have ROOM for a big 3d game. Now I have to write the makers and complain before I can even manage to install the demo... IF they'll make another one.

OTOH the screenshots don't look that great and they're in 3d, so... maybe it's for the best?

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The Rampant Coyote said...

TBH, I tried Parhedros, and a lot of the game exhibits that same level of attention to detail - meaning the lack thereof. I really wanted to like it. But after about 20-30 minutes I'd had enough. The animation and the interface were pretty bad, and the stylistic difference between the menu screens (touched-up photographs) and the game itself (ummm...) was on the jarring side.